E30 V8 ready for $2011 GRM

We’ve worked on our $2011 GRM Challenge BMW E30 V8, the scrappy little junkyard dog, for the past 6 weeks. In that time we’ve pulled and reinstalled the drivetrain twice: once to swap out a broken transmission, then again to repair the clutch hydraulics that failed in the interim. Crazy thrash time, but it drives under its own power once again. We have a week before we leave for Gainesville, Florida for the $2011 GRM Challenge shootout, being held Oct 6-8th. So much power + so many junkyard parts = fingers are crossed that we don’t break another transmission or halfshaft. Read more about the latest updates on our forum thread, here.

click for video

You can catch up in 1 minute 3 seconds by viewing the video update above.

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