Two New Vorshlag Camber Plate Offerings for BMW F22!

The BMW F20/21/22 has been on our “need to make a camber plate” list for a few years. In early 2016 we pulled apart an F22, made a lot of measurements, designed then CNC machined a prototype camber plate, and tested it on a local tester’s M235i. This setup uses the OEM struts and springs, with no change in ride height or ride quality.

The trick was making the “stack-up height” of our Vorshlag camber plate + radial bearing equipped upper perch the same as the OEM bits (see above), which we were able to accomplish, but not without using 100% new designs for every single part of the top mount assembly. After 5+ months of testing we were ready to make a production version of this design, which has been anticipated by many F22 drivers for years.

The wait is finally over – as we write this, the production F22 parts are machined and being plated now. We will be shipping these in less than a week, so the product entry for the Vorshlag F22 Camber plates for OEM springs is live now. The calls and orders have been coming in so strong that we have already begun machining a second production run for this model.

In case someone wants to use their F22 Bilstein coilover (PSS, PSS10 and Clubsport) or convert an Ohlins R&T to coilover use (call us), we also made a coilover version for the F22. This design uses a fewer pieces than the OEM version, so the cost is a bit lower. This one is ready to ship so the F22 Camber plate for coilover use online entry is also live.

The M versions of this new 1/2/3/4 series chassis (M2, M3, and M4) have a completely different and more elaborate series of engine bay braces, which in an unprecedented move by BMW, tie into the factory top mount. To work around that we are already working on a version of this Vorshlag camber plate design for the M cars. As always, please feel free to call Vorshlag if you have any questions, or if you would like to order by phone instead of using our website. Thanks!

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  1. pawel kaniewski says:

    i am looking for ones that will fit the M4

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