Costas wins at TWS on ASTs!

“First time Whelen USTTC competitor Paul Costas stole the show on Saturday, setting a blisteringly quick lap of 1:49.590 in the day’s first session to take the win in his tube-framed Camaro.” (from the USTTC press release) Paul only took two timed laps, and those in traffic, but still managed to win the Unlimited Time Trial class in his AST 5200 equipped GT-1 Camaro. A short “spoiler-cam” video showing his 2 laps is below – turn up the volume!

Click for in-car video!
Click here for in-car video!

NARRA is a new group that has a cross-country racing series which includes Wheel to Wheel racing, Time Trial and HPDE sessions, with a heavy emphasis on Vipers. Its even a Pro based series with a Versus TV contract – but with entry fees very much in-line with other club racing/TT/HPDE groups. He said the organizers were great to work with and helped him tech and properly class his car. Look for events near you on the NARRA website at

Click for larger image

As many of you who follow our forum build threads know, Costas is a long-time Vorshlag Tester, our “media consultant”, co-drives our STX 2011 Mustang, and is Vorshlag’s past and future GRM $2011 Challenge autocross driver. He runs his home built GT-1 Camaro at lots of track events, where it does unusually well for the modest budget he has in the car. You can read Costas’ racing blog here.

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