Vorshlag 330 Mods and Track Debut

At long last our “Daily Driven Track Car”, the red BMW E46 330 shown below, has had much needed suspension and brake system updates and then made its track debut. You can read about the latest adventures in this dual-purpose BMW starting here.

In this monster-sized, 5-part Forum Build Thread update we discuss the laundry list of mods done in January plus two competition events we entered in this 330, including SCCA Club Trials at MSR-Cresson and NASA Time Trial at MSR-Houston.

The write-up for each of these events, plus details on the upgrades and repairs before, between, and after these events is all discussed in the Forum Build Thread. Enjoy.

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One Response to Vorshlag 330 Mods and Track Debut

  1. Jason Covington says:

    Love the blog on the E46 330 Terry!!! Good stuff and good tips!

    I wanted to make a suggestion, but understand this is like a novice making suggestions to a pro….but…

    You wrote about going to aftermarket sway bars, and I just wanted to caution you about that. After going with the AST suspension and springs you hooked me up with on my E46 M3, I tried going with a Hotchkis sway bar. Even on its softest setting, it was HORRIBLE! I tried to compensate with adjusting the shocks, but no matter what it was “twitchy” as hell! I described it as “Trying to ride an elephant that is running in high heels.” LOL! Add to this the extra points you have to take for it, and I would highly recommend you go with much stiffer springs before going down the sway bar route.

    Like I said, I KNOW you have a lot more experience on these things than me, but just thought I would offer my two cents on this.

    Again, thanks for the great read – Give my best to Amy and Jason and hope you are all doing great! Jason

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